A co-operative story telling game that centers around the death of a loved one. Cheers at a funeral is a card game that asks its participants to put themselves in the shoes of mourners, reminiscing on times before the fatal passing of their friend and or lover. The game is meant to emphasize the idea o dealing with a passing and discussing both the happy memories as well as the harsher ones that people have to deal with.

At the beginning of the play session the players shuffle the event deck thoroughly. Then each player takes turn answering one of the questions about the “deceased”, followed by each player drawing 5 cards from the modifier deck.

A storyteller is picked at the beginning of each round, their role is to draw an event card and take the modifiers given to them from the other players and create a story involving all of them. When the other players see the event card they select one of their modifier cards to add to the story. Once everyone has played their modifier (excluding the story teller) the storyteller will create a story. Once the story ends the player to the left will become the storyteller and flip the next event card over repeating the process.  


1: Shuffle both the event deck and the modifier deck thoroughly!

2: Each player draws 5 modifier cards from the deck.

3: Any one player flips the first event card over, and then players add on modifier cards to the event card of the turn.

4: Once every player has placed a modifier card down, each player will then speak/write out a short story based around all 5 cards in the center.

6: After each player has gone, the cards then get discarded and the next round begins.

7: The game ends after the event deck has lost 10 cards.

8: Everybody wins!

9: 3+ players. Ages 18+