We tossed multiple ideas around trying to figure out how we could make a game about transmission. We discussed a game similar to Crazy Taxi but instead of delivering people the player was a Pizza delivery person. We liked the idea of transmitting food but felt it would be too simple of a game and wouldn’t challenge us as much as we would like. We discussed a story driven game about heirlooms that allowed the player to replay “memories” from their ancestors. We liked this one but felt the heavy story elements would hold us back and cause a lot of problems.

The importance of sleep

            This game was an experiment in endurance and determination. It was made during the Global Game Jam 2018. We spent the first couple hours during the jam tossing ideas around. We ended the first night still unsure on what to work on and timid about the next day.  

One of the main ideas we were tossing around was a game using sound to light a way through a dark 3D environment. We had a prototype made (with VR) but we decided to move against it. We kept tossing ideas around when we looked over at what our programmer was doing. He was sitting in VR messing with the ribbons that trailed behind the projectile. Maybe it was the lack of sleep or lack of faith in any of our previous ideas, we ended up deciding to take this idea and run with it.

It was 11 AM Saturday morning when we started to work on the game.

We saw the Lights

We lost a lot of time but in the end, we found something and decided to run with it. We decided to make an entire Vapowave city as a way to enhance the neon visuals of the light trail our programmer made. We spent the next 28 hours restlessly creating models and coding what would become our game. We were all interested in the aesthetic and enjoy making puzzle based shooters. It forced us all to push ourselves and that was one of the main reasons we all gravitated towards it.

My role

I oversaw asset creation. I had never made a game with this aesthetic before. I was excited and nervous. I started making as many 3D assets as I could think of, anything that could possibly be needed for the game. I ended up making over 20 different assets, most of which where not used in the final build of the game.

64-bit Windows Required to Play