Puzzle Design

This was a class project that required us to make a level with multiple mechanics and puzzles. The mechanics I chose where falling platforms and the ability to freeze those platforms by shooting them. There where also moving platforms which functioned as a generic task for the player to get through. The class mainly focused on the 4 step level design that companies like Nintendo have perfected.  


The main platforming puzzles I designed revolved around moving and freezing platforms. I introduce each of these mechanics early on and elaborated on them before introducing puzzles. Once the mechanics were established I was able to go more in depth with the puzzles, I ultimately scrapped  the most difficult one due to the time constraints of needing to make a video under 10 minutes. 


Falling Platforms

I chose to use falling platforms as the main obstacle for my level because they have a lot of utility, from a game design perspective. By introducing this to the player safely they will now be fearful of them and try to think around them in the future. I created simple puzzles involving falling platforms and moving ones that force the player to be mindful of each of their steps.


Freezing Platforms

I introduced the mechanic to re-freeze the platform because I wanted the player to be able to have more agency in the path they want to take. It also allowed for puzzles involving very specific placement of the platforms.