Logo Designs

It seems that every time I am working on a group project I am tasked with designing the group logo. I always do it because I am passionate and see it as a great way to rally the troops, so to speak. It seems, at least as I have experienced it, that many people work harder when they feel like they belong to not only a group but a cause. The group logo often times works as the symbol of that, its harder to shrug off a project and slack when there is a stronger sense of group among the members. 


J. Barnes

This was the logo of one of the first groups I had worked with in my Game Design major. The name was created from all our initials. This made rallying people under it a lot easier. This was the group that ended up making Coalition. 


Express to 95th

This name originally started out as a joke, being that we were from Chicago and often took express trains. No train ever goes express to 95th because it is the end of the line, we thought it was funny because it signified us rushing to end. This is the group that made Light.Wav.



This is the newest group. We picked the name because it sounded funny. Currently we are working on a mobile game for a class. The team name helped us all get to know each other better. It forced us to discover things about each other while making jokes and thinking up interesting names.